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Aquanautics Encounters Standed Seals

A young seal and young diver share a touching moment.

This is a story by Sonya Krimsky that she published along with the video. Sonya and her daughter Lilly are Aquanautics Divers. Change is good and bad. But is what you get worth what you lose? We are responsible, but can we do anything about it?

Published on Mar 19, 2015

This morning we visited the beach at 5am to meditate and pray for our beautiful ocean creatures who are struggling for life. Their food supply has been drastically re-allocated/reduced due to a combination of factors including a 5 degree increase in ocean temperatures. This has become an unprecedented event of sea lion pup strandings and the wildlife rescue centers are filled to capacity.This morning, we sat at the foot of the beach steps due to high tide. For some reason this sea lion pup not only had zero fear of Lilly, it actually came close enough to Lilly to touch and seemed to nuzzle her for warmth and affection. When I accidentally approached it in the dark earlier that same morning, it had a natural response of fear and began to head back into the ocean. When I realized my mistake, I backed off not wanting to upset the starving and weak animal. However, with Lillith, her open-heart enables this unspoken communication between species. I have witnessed it with her time and again. We realize this is not the norm, and we encourage you to NEVER try to interact with wild animals in this way. These pups are stranded, hungry, sick and they have a mouth full of canine teeth just like a dog. They can and will bite and that bite likely carries disease. Perhaps I should have had Lilly move immediately, however, after two and a half hours of sitting on the beach with this pup, we finally did move. Lillith wanted to stay, however she was already late for school and I insisted we leave. When we left the beach, the pup got up to try and follow us up the stairs but it was too tired and sick. Instead, it followed us with it's gaze until we were out of site looking right and left anxiously to see where we were going. My heart breaks in new ways every day now at Zuma Beach. Our alleged 'paradise' is sick; global warming affects all of us, no matter your income, age, size, race, sexual orientation, or species! You can help by donating to the California Wildlife Center!

The local waters over the last year have been comparatively warm. But things have drastically changed. Here are some of the things that happened that i noticed:

  • Kelp has pretty much died out - due to warm waters- I was a Casino Point in Catalina a couple months ago and it was like a desert
  • Sea Turtles and Hammerhead sharks being seen at the Channel Islands this is not their normal home. Although we do love the turtles, we know these are not their natural waters
  • People buying 3mm and 5mm wetsuits instead of 7mm?

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