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Anacapa Island

A California Local Dive Site: Anacapa Island

The boat ride is about 1.5 hours out of Ventura.

  Within the giant kelp forests there are over a thousand different species of organisms ranging from giant black bass to tiny nudibranchs.  The kelp forests of Anacapa are a safe haven for a vast variety of animals due to the slow water movement created by the thick canopies of kelp.  This shelter from water flow is the ideal environment for juvenile species to forage and hide from predators and thus they flourish here.  In the rocky crevices one can usually expect to find spiny lobster or the occasional swell shark or horn shark.  Nothing to worry about though! Swell sharks and Horn sharks are relatively bottom feeders with small teeth made for crushing open crustacean shells.  These small sharks present a spectacular photography opportunity along with the colorful garibaldi and the playful sea lions that are regular visitors to the island. 

  Anacapa Island is incredibly versatile for diving.  Beginners can explore the shallow sand beds and observe the rocky reefs teeming with life.  There are also several steep eroded walls for divers who like to descend to a deeper level.  Caves and crevices line several dive sites and allow a thrilling opportunity for skilled divers looking for an adventure.  Along with its diverse topography, every dive site off of Anacapa is a prime location for photography dives and naturalist dives.  

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