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What Can I Do as Professional Scuba Inspector?

As you start to work in the scuba industry you will need to learn to handle and work with scuba equipment safely.The diving world wether for work or play relys on an enviroment that is safe. if safety is not there then diving would become unenjoyable for both fun and wo

Safety is a huge concern for dive shops on a daily basis.  Customers bring their cylinders to your shop for filling regularly.  Dozens of rental cylinders in the shop need maintenance and filling.

Ninety percent of cylinder accidents occur at the fill station during fills.  Do your employees know what they should look for in order to fill those cylinders?  There are federal regulations that govern cylinder filling.  Do you know what they are?

There are specific federal requirements, CGA rules and manufacturer guidelines that govern visual inspection of high pressure cylinders.  Do the people in your tech shop know what they are?

Without formal, recognized training, you are exposed to potential issues with liability and safety.  PSI-PCI training can help! Contact Aquanautics Dive today for training in Visual Cylinder (tank) inspection, cylinder hazmat and fill station operations, and much more.  We are your one stop solution for training, consulting and cylinder inspection supplies.

While PSI-PCI did not write the rules and regulations applicable to the process, they did gel them into the 18 Step Protocol that we teach today.

PSI-PCI training is written into a Special Permit (12479) which states you must be a PSI trained inspector to visually inspect that cylinder. That would indicate that the cylinder manufacturer that submitted the permit, and teh USDOT who approved it, recongize the importance of being properly trained PSI-PCI visual inspector.

Another example is the publications of Compressed Gas Association recommeding the book "Inspecting Cylinders" as a reference for guidance on visual inspections. PSI-PCI is on the 5th edition of this important book detailing in clear, concise terms information related to visual cylinder inspections.

You can review the recommendation from "Luxfer" on their website in the technical bulletin "How do I know if the person inspectin my cylinder is properly trained?" Catalina CYlinders has formally endorsed PSI-PCI in writing.

Further the US Courts have, in several cases, determined the reference book, "Inspecting Cylinders", by PSI-PCI would be the applicable information by which the cases would be tried.

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